Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diabetes, the walk for the cure

I joined the walk for the cure of diabetes today! I have my own team and everything, that my friends and family will be a part of. I'm working to raise money, which will go toward research for the cure of diabetes. So if you're interested in donating, or if you want to join my team and walk with me, click here !(: thanks!

Diajob Searcher

I have now discovered how hard it is to find a job! Especially in Oregon, where the unemployment rate is sky high! How am I supposed to pay for gas now?? Luckily I've been applying to a lot of places, and one of them looks promising. I've applied to Borders, Macy's, Bud to Blossom, and the Learning Tree. Bud to Blossom is the job I'm really wanting and the one that looks the most promising! It's a preschool that's very close to my school. They said that when I start I would just have the position they call "Closing Position" which means I would clean up at the end of the day and get everything set up for the next day. But eventually I would move up. And a job is a job, I'd love to work there! It would be especially helpful since I want to become a teacher someday. So if you're looking for a prayer request, you could help me out by praying I get a job(:

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Okay, it's official...I have a boyfriend!(: If you want to look at it technically, though, our first date was over a year ago. We broke up back in May because neither of us were in the right place to be in a relationship and I knew both of us had to get right with God. So I left the relationship thinking we would never even be able to be friends again. Then we didn't talk for about two months, but near the middle of July he started contacting me again. He told me that he thought we could try to be friends. And after everything we'd been through, I figured I could give it a shot. After a week or so of convincing, he finally got me to hang out with him. I could instantly see that alot had changed in him since the last time I saw him...The biggest change, of course, being that he's a lot closer to God. Which led to all the little changes. Like how patient he is now, and how level-headed, and how much more fun we're able to have together now. So, after about a week and a half of praying about it and struggling with it, I told him that I thought it could work out this time. Then it was his turn to pray about it and think about..and now, here we are! If anything starts to go wrong again, of course I won't hesitate to get out of the relationship. God comes first, ALWAYS. But I really believe it'll be a better relationship this time.
This is a picture from back in November. So yeah, a long time ago haha. But we don't really take that many pictures...but if we do anytime soon, I'll definitely post them on here. And by the way, I'd like to point out how long and dark my hair was then! That's so weird!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got my license...
yeah, enough said(:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am officially registered this year for school...that's a good thing, right? Melissa and I were very excited to open our locker and measure it and everything! Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to decorate it :P Everyone wanted to leave, so we had to stay with the crowd. But I got everything sized to fit! So once I get my license (cough, tomorrow) maybe I can just drive down there and set it up. My school picture didn't turn out tooo bad...but I did have a fly way hair. Too bad I can't scan it onto the computer to show you, but oh well. Just imagine my face with a grey background. Then, today, I got some lovely blood work done. GROSS! I hate having needles put into my veins. It's okay for insulin, because that doesn't go into my veins. It goes into fatty tissue areas. And now with a pump, I barely even put the needle in myself. The inserter does that job for me. But anywho, it was only two viles that they had to fill for my blood work so I guess it wasn't disastrous. The lady doing it kept trying to set me up with her son. "You're so cute! And you're a junior? Well, my son's a junior and he's pretty cute, too...he can't drive yet, but if you can drive soon then it'd be perfect! He could pay for everything and you'd drive..." etc. etc. etc. She really wanted me to date her son! Haha! She even started talking to my mom about it. But don't worry, I didn't give her any personal information besides what she had in my file so I don't think I'll be getting calls from her son(:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You may be wondering what I'm happy with...and it's my hair!! It's finally not damaged! So now I can straighten it and it doesn't look frizzy; it looks good. I haven't been able to straighten my hair since the end of January, so I'm very excited about this. Now I'm not stuck with just curly hair, I can just jump back and forth.
This is how my hair looked. I took pictures with my Peanut yesterday because I realized I haven't done that yet. I've had him for four months, how could I have not taken pictures with him??(: I also made Peanut sleep in my room last night because I'm still a little scared, ever since I saw Paranormal Activity...sad, huh? Even when I wasn't sleeping in my room on Sunday night, I didn't sleep well. But that's because I was camping overnight in a one person tent with two other people. It was fun, even though we didn't camp for a long time. I went with my friend Jessica, who I haven't seen all summer!
We hung out in the tent a lot of the time past 9 pm, because it got cold outside. Before that we were walking around with the dog. It was fun to just catch up and such. Well, I've got to run! That was just my little catch up time(: Now I've got to get ready for today's school registration. I refuse to believe the summer is coming to an end though!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Of course, now that I've watched Paranormal Activity, I'm having issues sleeping...I honestly didn't think the movie was THAT scary. But when I try to go to sleep, everything just gets 10x scarier. So I've resorted to sleeping with a night light, which seems to help. Despite this though, I'm still planning on watching it again. I want my parents to watch it! And the movie was really entertaining, so I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's not like seeing it a second time can make me loose any MORE sleep, right? At least that's what I'm hoping...
So last night I saw Claire, my cousin-in-law from California. It was fun to see her again(:
This is my cousin, Matt, and Claire. I think this picture is a year or so old, but they look basically the same now. But anywho, they live in California. And in about two weeks, my mom, my aunt, and I will all be heading to LA to see everything there is to see and hang out with these two amazing people. We were talking about it with Claire last night, and she said we could definitely do Disney Land in a day (don't worry, she's a pro. We can do it), and she said she'll take me to all the high fashion stores to go shopping! Like the stores down Melrose street, or places in the HUGE mall. I'm SOO excited! I'm even saving up my money for the intense shopping. Since I've never really experienced California, this vacation is gonna be mind blowing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

DiaParanormal Activity

Okay, so I know I've been talking about movies alot...but that's been a lot of where my entertainment has come from lately! Don't worry, I've been doing other stuff besides gluing my eyes to tv screens. But nothing worth writing about ;). So, the latest movie worth writing about was PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! Such a good movie, no joke. I love the creativity the director had in making it look like some sort of documentary. That really did make it look more lifelike. Maybe that's why the movie was so scary. But it's the first scary movie that has ever kept me up at night. I woke up once every hour through the night (it didn't help that Sydney was sleeping next to me and muttering in her sleep). I can't remember what I was dreaming about, but I know it had something to do with the movie. The creepiest part of the movie was that it had no commercials and no credits...And even the main menu was just words, no pictures or moving designs. That also made it kind of lifelike I suppose. But other than that movie, I can give you a little update of what I've been up to. David got surgery on his ACL, so he needs prayer! Unfortunatly, I haven't gotten a chance to go see him yet :( But he's on painkillers and all that. I've just been hanging out with friends, pretty much. Last night Sydney and I watched Paranormal Activity. We wanted to go to Sugarfest, which was a concert that benefits diabetes. But we couldn't get a ride! I felt like I was betraying my diabuddies. Sigghh. On Thursday I hung out with Trevor. Most of the time we were shopping for his school clothes with his mom. That was a lot of fun! Even though he complained most of the time, he and his moms are great shopping buddies. That's just a brief update of my life and why I haven't been blogging as much. Oh! I applied to work at Borders today, so I could really use some prayer because I would LOVE a job there. Especially since I'll be spending 4 years of college studying English, and Borders is a book store.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ohmygoodness! A week ago, my computer mysteriously broke....and we've finally got it fixed, thanks to the very generous Jim(: So that's why I haven't been on my blog for a while. Don't worry, I didn't mysteriously disappear off the face of the earth...just the face of the internet. I can't even think of what's happened since I last posted! But I can tell you that last night I went and saw "Despicable Me" in theaters with my friend, Melissa. That movie is so funny and so cute! I highly recommend it. I want to get one of those minions as a stuffed animal...they look like they'd be fun to cuddle with(: I also went and saw Step Up 3D in theaters a few days ago, but I don't recommend it as much. Especially since this is the third time they've tried to do a movie with the same old plot... Sometimes people just need to know when to call it good. But the dancing is still always fun to watch. Oh, and I'd like to point out the elephant in the room....My blog got a makeover(: Special thanks to Cristin for this! Well, now that my computer is working I'll have loads more updates later(: But just one more thing before I go.... I got my nose pierced!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So today, for the second time, I made my way to the DMV to take my drive test. I've already had my permit for a year and a half...I've already passed my written test...all I need to do is just go on that drive test and get the okay to have my license! The first time I went, my dad forgot the insurance card. And this time? My horn didn't work. Seriously, the HORN. Everything else was perfect. I had all my lights working, the seat belts buckled to perfection...but when I hit the horn, only silence came out. But really, the drive test consists of one busy street and a bunch of neighborhood streets. When would I ever need my horn in that fifteen minutes of driving? It's ridiculous. But now we've got to go get the horn replaced and schedule ANOTHER test. Man, do I dislike the DMV.


Monday, August 9, 2010


Geeze! I haven't been online in three days! Well, this is why...I've been working ALL weekend. Twelve hours a day, with barely any breaks. It was crazy. By the way, I work with a catering company and I was working register most of the weekend. We're all pretty much family there, so it makes it a lot of fun most of the time. But it gets annoying sometimes with how dumb people seem to be...not the people I'm working with, but the people ordering from us. Ohmygoodness I cannot even tell you how frustrated some people make me. But luckily I managed to keep a smile all weekend! And it paid off...I made $74 in tips alone.

This was the crew! Happy looking bunch, eh? Overall it was a really fun weekend, and we even got to stay in a nice hotel! Except that we're not exactly the right people for a nice hotel...Last year, Justin pushed all the buttons on the elevator to try to annoy us, but at the next floor three men in suits got on! Yeah, they looked VERY mad. And this year, Jess really had to go to the bathroom so she ran to our room and banged on the door. Except it wasn't our room...So instead of staying and apologizing, we ran as fast as we could to our room(: Oh, and a couple guys tried to start a fight with us...luckily the security guards came.

Well, I could go on and on and on about all the fun stories I have from this weekend, but me and my mom are heading out to see the latest Twilight movie and spend some of our new cash shopping(:


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last night, at around 10 30, I heard my mom calling to me from her room. She had gone to bed 15 minutes earlier so I was a little confused, but I walked into her room nonetheless. "Sarah," she said, "leave the door open a crack like it was and come lay next to me." I followed her instructons, and then she said, "Do you see those colors? In the crack of the door? It's different colored lights, and they're traveling up the ceiling...I think it's the night light in the hallway." At first I told her she was crazy, but after about five minutes I saw what she was talking about. The crack in the door was changing colors! We spent another 15 or 20 minutes looking at the light in the cracks of the door, and decided it was definitely the night light in the hallway. Then I said goodnight to her and got up to leave...only to see the night light in the hallway wasn't even on. Gotta love my mom and her night time drowsiness(:


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night, I finally finished the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." (Melissa should be happy to know this because we're in a book club together, and now we can finally talk about that book.) So, let me give you a short review of this book... Well, I wish I could compare it to the classic book, actually. But I've never even seen the movie, let alone read the book. I've heard the classic book is incredibly boring and hard to get through, so I just jumped straight to the zombie edition. Not only is this book entertaining with the zombies, but the love story made me smile too (of course, I've always been a hopeless romantic.) There were times in this book where I got bored and it got harder to make it through..some of it is a little slow. But it always picked up again and it was very worth it to get through it because the end was the best part! Don't worry, I won't give away the end. Overall, I would recommend it. And I think it would be especially amusing to people that have already read the original "Pride and Prejudice." I've heard the two are actually very similar, except this new one manages to add zombies every chance it gets. So, now I'm onto the 7th Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.) I've already read it, I'm just reading it again since the movie is coming out soon. And you better believe I'm seeing that movie premier night!! I'll be one of those crazy people getting in line HOURS before normal people even remembered it came out that night. Only a month until I can buy the tickets for it!(:


Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Diawriter...I Am From

About a year ago, I had to write an entry for my family relationships class with the title "I Am From." She didn't give us any other specifications, except that it should take a lot of thought. Many people did a poem but, being the writer I am, I did something a little different...So as an author's note to you, it may seem a little weird. Keep in mind that since it's from a while ago, there won't be anything about syringes or hospital beds (aka diabetes). But in a week or so, after this one has digested, I'll make a new one to show where I am NOW as opposed to over a year ago.

Looking down the long dirt path that led me to this day, I can see the many things that led me to this green patch. I see the many hills that all seemed greener on the other side. I see the grass stained pants and skinned knees, causing a caring woman to wash and wash until the stains were replaced with holes. I see the pits filled with quicksand that I had to slowly pull myself through, and if I tried to go any faster I just sank more. The sand still lines my soul, showing that I will always be someone that got past those spots. I see footsteps circling and backtracking, not being able to choose a path. However, I could never get away from my dirt path. My hands are creased with sap from the tree branches I clung to so that the wind and storms could not pull me away. They could never pull me away. I see flowers along my path that prove the sunlight can always shine through, as long as I let it. They peek through mud with hope that can only be found in sunrays and rain, mixed together yet separate. Looking back, I see a path that was uphill and was downhill. A path that held confusion, yet held preciseness. A path that twisted and turned in a way that always went straight. It’s impossible to see forward and impossible to go back. This is where I am from.


Monday, August 2, 2010


I'd like to say I don't think about my future a lot...but I do. I've already figured out what my perfect occupation is, where I'd like to go to college, and even some of the extraccular activities I'll be doing while I'm in college. I don't always mean to plan ahead like that, it just kind of happens. And today I got another blast of excitement for my future. Sydney and I were just getting back from the mall and she was opening her appartment door when she turned to me and said, "I feel like this is our appartment." We talked a little bit about someday sharing an appartment but, of course, it's not for sure. But I just started thinking about how much fun it's gonna be to someday live on my own and create my own adventures in life! I love my parents, I'm not saying I don't. In fact, here's a picture of my loving, beautiful mom that I'm actually pretty close to.

But someday it'll be tons of fun to not have to tell my parents whenever I go somewhere (not that I have anything to hide, believe me). And I won't have to be told what chores to do. I know it'll be scary...and even scarier, it's only two years away! But I'm still excited for that next chapter of my life. For now though, I'll enjoy the freedom I have of not paying bills and not grocery shopping. I don't want to get strung out about the future. I just like to think about it every once in a while and smile(:

As for the present, I'm planning on getting more in shape...physically and spiritually. I have two goals for this remaining month of summer. 1) read my Bible and spend time with God EVERY DAY. 2)exercise at least three times a week. Exercising is actually good for my diabetes too, so I should have started doing it when I was diagnosed...too bad I'm lazy. So those are two things that can improve my character at this time! I also need to clean my room...but that's not exactly a summer goal, just something I'm dying to do since my room is embarressing to look at. My friend Victoria has been giving me tips on how to remodel it, and I would love to do that! As soon as I get around to it(:



One of my favorite places to relaxe and talk is under the night sky. The stars are one of the most beautiful creations God gave us, and I believe it was so we could have a glipse of his greatness in them. Tonight, me and one of my best friends, Sydney, sat by a river underneat the stars talking about whatever came to mind. It was so nice, and also very encouraging to talk deeply with one of my friends about God and life and such. I tried to upload a picture so you could see for yourself how amazing it is, but unfortunately this computer is having technical difficulties... So next time you're up late, just go outside for yourself to see it(: Stargazing is definitely one of my most favorite things to do.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! I've been super busy lately... Thursday I went over to my lovely friend, Victoria's, house. We watched the movie "All About Steve." I really recommend that movie, it's super funny. The story line is definitely unique, which is always refreshing, and the moral at the end of the movie was great.
But more importantly, I've been working the past couple days! My job is seasonal, since it's with my parents' best friends' catering business. So I only work a few weekends in the summer, but I get at least $100 every weekend, usually closer to $200 (and occasionaly $300!). So I used about $97 of my earnings to buy some new clothes at forever21.com(: I've decided there's alot of clothes I need to give to charity, since I never wear them. And I'm going to fill those holes with some new ones. It's always nice getting new clothes!
So that's the update of why I haven't been as busy on my blog, but I promise I haven't forgotten about my blogging world.
Today my cousin that lives in California is stopping by to visit(: He's awesome, and I've really missed him since he left. But hopefully my stomach feels better by the time he gets here! I made the mistake of getting Burger King for lunch... since I got diabetes, I obviously eat a lot healthier. So fast food always upsets my stomach when I get it. I've actually heard that fast food is so bad for you, your body doesn't get any nutrients out of it because it can barely recognize it as food. If it didn't taste so good and wasn't so convenient I would never even touch it again!