Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diajob Searcher

I have now discovered how hard it is to find a job! Especially in Oregon, where the unemployment rate is sky high! How am I supposed to pay for gas now?? Luckily I've been applying to a lot of places, and one of them looks promising. I've applied to Borders, Macy's, Bud to Blossom, and the Learning Tree. Bud to Blossom is the job I'm really wanting and the one that looks the most promising! It's a preschool that's very close to my school. They said that when I start I would just have the position they call "Closing Position" which means I would clean up at the end of the day and get everything set up for the next day. But eventually I would move up. And a job is a job, I'd love to work there! It would be especially helpful since I want to become a teacher someday. So if you're looking for a prayer request, you could help me out by praying I get a job(:

1 comment:

  1. You got it!! :) I hope you get it!! :) Good luck girlie! :)