Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinterest Review; Decorate Your Plates

Pinterest is a great website. I myself am a HUGE Pinterest addict. And ever since I got my iPhone, I'm on Pinterest every other second of every day. One of Pinterest's major uses is to find fun or nifty crafts that make all your stuff much more unique. These crafts are also usually affordable and seem very simple.
Being a somewhat crafty person, I decided to try one of these neat crafts. I decided to decorate my plain white plates. When I was preparing to move out with my fiance, our goal was to create the majority of our dishes at Create-A-Memory, which is a local shop where you can pick out a clay object, paint it, and then they fire it for you. They have everything from little figurines, to huge bowls, to tiles, to tooth brush holders. We managed to get two plates and one bowl done. Since that's not enough dishes for two people, we also took an extra dish set my parents still had from their wedding registry. Plain white plates and bowls.

Then, I saw this little number on Pinterest. Its instructions say to write on your plates with Sharpee and then let them bake in the oven. My fiance was skeptical. But I thought, "If so many people are pinning it, it must work!" So we decorated a handful of plates and stuck them in the oven. At first, it worked perfectly. I was so excited about our pretty looking plates that we had now. We ate off of them and sent them through the dishwasher. After a few goes through the dishwasher, we noticed the Sharpee was chipping. We're hoping that it wasn't harmful to eat off the plates, but  the plates definitely aren't pretty or exciting anymore. So when it comes to this popular pin, I'm gonna have to give it a thumbs down. It looked so easy and convenient, so I guess it was just a little too good to be true.
On a better note, a friend and I tried this Pinterest recipe for a healthy strawberry lemonade slurpee. It was great! AND super easy to make! So let me share this winning recipe with you;
You'll need 2 cups of lemonade (we got some lemonade concentrate and made a pitcher of lemonade that we could use. You could also use Crystal Lite lemonade, if you want to be even healthier)
1 - 1 1/2 cups ice
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
Put all these in a blender and then blend it up, and voila! Pour it out and add a little lemon to the rim to make it look pretty. One batch makes about four cups. They were so good, we made two batches. This is a pin I recommend.