Monday, August 9, 2010


Geeze! I haven't been online in three days! Well, this is why...I've been working ALL weekend. Twelve hours a day, with barely any breaks. It was crazy. By the way, I work with a catering company and I was working register most of the weekend. We're all pretty much family there, so it makes it a lot of fun most of the time. But it gets annoying sometimes with how dumb people seem to be...not the people I'm working with, but the people ordering from us. Ohmygoodness I cannot even tell you how frustrated some people make me. But luckily I managed to keep a smile all weekend! And it paid off...I made $74 in tips alone.

This was the crew! Happy looking bunch, eh? Overall it was a really fun weekend, and we even got to stay in a nice hotel! Except that we're not exactly the right people for a nice hotel...Last year, Justin pushed all the buttons on the elevator to try to annoy us, but at the next floor three men in suits got on! Yeah, they looked VERY mad. And this year, Jess really had to go to the bathroom so she ran to our room and banged on the door. Except it wasn't our room...So instead of staying and apologizing, we ran as fast as we could to our room(: Oh, and a couple guys tried to start a fight with us...luckily the security guards came.

Well, I could go on and on and on about all the fun stories I have from this weekend, but me and my mom are heading out to see the latest Twilight movie and spend some of our new cash shopping(:


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  1. lol! You saw twilight AGAIN?! I thought it made you uncomfortable?! lol Have fun shopping!! :)