Sunday, August 22, 2010


Of course, now that I've watched Paranormal Activity, I'm having issues sleeping...I honestly didn't think the movie was THAT scary. But when I try to go to sleep, everything just gets 10x scarier. So I've resorted to sleeping with a night light, which seems to help. Despite this though, I'm still planning on watching it again. I want my parents to watch it! And the movie was really entertaining, so I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's not like seeing it a second time can make me loose any MORE sleep, right? At least that's what I'm hoping...
So last night I saw Claire, my cousin-in-law from California. It was fun to see her again(:
This is my cousin, Matt, and Claire. I think this picture is a year or so old, but they look basically the same now. But anywho, they live in California. And in about two weeks, my mom, my aunt, and I will all be heading to LA to see everything there is to see and hang out with these two amazing people. We were talking about it with Claire last night, and she said we could definitely do Disney Land in a day (don't worry, she's a pro. We can do it), and she said she'll take me to all the high fashion stores to go shopping! Like the stores down Melrose street, or places in the HUGE mall. I'm SOO excited! I'm even saving up my money for the intense shopping. Since I've never really experienced California, this vacation is gonna be mind blowing.

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