Monday, August 2, 2010


I'd like to say I don't think about my future a lot...but I do. I've already figured out what my perfect occupation is, where I'd like to go to college, and even some of the extraccular activities I'll be doing while I'm in college. I don't always mean to plan ahead like that, it just kind of happens. And today I got another blast of excitement for my future. Sydney and I were just getting back from the mall and she was opening her appartment door when she turned to me and said, "I feel like this is our appartment." We talked a little bit about someday sharing an appartment but, of course, it's not for sure. But I just started thinking about how much fun it's gonna be to someday live on my own and create my own adventures in life! I love my parents, I'm not saying I don't. In fact, here's a picture of my loving, beautiful mom that I'm actually pretty close to.

But someday it'll be tons of fun to not have to tell my parents whenever I go somewhere (not that I have anything to hide, believe me). And I won't have to be told what chores to do. I know it'll be scary...and even scarier, it's only two years away! But I'm still excited for that next chapter of my life. For now though, I'll enjoy the freedom I have of not paying bills and not grocery shopping. I don't want to get strung out about the future. I just like to think about it every once in a while and smile(:

As for the present, I'm planning on getting more in shape...physically and spiritually. I have two goals for this remaining month of summer. 1) read my Bible and spend time with God EVERY DAY. 2)exercise at least three times a week. Exercising is actually good for my diabetes too, so I should have started doing it when I was diagnosed...too bad I'm lazy. So those are two things that can improve my character at this time! I also need to clean my room...but that's not exactly a summer goal, just something I'm dying to do since my room is embarressing to look at. My friend Victoria has been giving me tips on how to remodel it, and I would love to do that! As soon as I get around to it(:


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  1. Those sounds like great goals! I should try to do the same!! :) I did TONS of walking while on vacation. It felt great! :)