Saturday, August 28, 2010


Okay, it's official...I have a boyfriend!(: If you want to look at it technically, though, our first date was over a year ago. We broke up back in May because neither of us were in the right place to be in a relationship and I knew both of us had to get right with God. So I left the relationship thinking we would never even be able to be friends again. Then we didn't talk for about two months, but near the middle of July he started contacting me again. He told me that he thought we could try to be friends. And after everything we'd been through, I figured I could give it a shot. After a week or so of convincing, he finally got me to hang out with him. I could instantly see that alot had changed in him since the last time I saw him...The biggest change, of course, being that he's a lot closer to God. Which led to all the little changes. Like how patient he is now, and how level-headed, and how much more fun we're able to have together now. So, after about a week and a half of praying about it and struggling with it, I told him that I thought it could work out this time. Then it was his turn to pray about it and think about..and now, here we are! If anything starts to go wrong again, of course I won't hesitate to get out of the relationship. God comes first, ALWAYS. But I really believe it'll be a better relationship this time.
This is a picture from back in November. So yeah, a long time ago haha. But we don't really take that many pictures...but if we do anytime soon, I'll definitely post them on here. And by the way, I'd like to point out how long and dark my hair was then! That's so weird!

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  1. love is sweeter the second time around as they say. Hope it work this time. Goodluck!