Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So today, for the second time, I made my way to the DMV to take my drive test. I've already had my permit for a year and a half...I've already passed my written test...all I need to do is just go on that drive test and get the okay to have my license! The first time I went, my dad forgot the insurance card. And this time? My horn didn't work. Seriously, the HORN. Everything else was perfect. I had all my lights working, the seat belts buckled to perfection...but when I hit the horn, only silence came out. But really, the drive test consists of one busy street and a bunch of neighborhood streets. When would I ever need my horn in that fifteen minutes of driving? It's ridiculous. But now we've got to go get the horn replaced and schedule ANOTHER test. Man, do I dislike the DMV.



  1. Sad!!!! :( I am sorry!!! No worries! You will get it soon enough! :)

  2. I'm so sorry it didn't happen again. If it were up to Poppy, no car would ever even have a horn.