Thursday, July 29, 2010


So yesterday was pretty eventful. Tuesday I made my way up to Albany to visit my friend, Melissa. I haven't seen her in a while, so it was nice to catch up and talk about everything. And, of course, we had a few moments to celebrate my new pump(: She's one of my few friends that acknowledged I got my pump, even though I've been looking forward to it for 8 months now. But everyone else has something bigger on their minds now. Anywho, we talked for a couple hours and I got to meet her dad and nana for the first time. Then we decided we wanted to watch Paranormal Activity that night. I've heard from more than one person that that movie is SCARY! Unfortunatly...Red Box didn't have it available. So we settled for the movie Triangle. So let me do a short review of this weird movie.... It wasn't scary, first of all. Even though it's put in the horror section, don't be fooled. It was definitely creepy though. This might be a spoiler alert, so if you're planning on watching it you might want to scroll down. But here's the basic plot outline.... the main character, Jess, gets on a yacht with a few aquaintances. She was supposed to bring her autistic son, but he never came along and the answer to why was unclear at first. And she's been acting kinda schizo since the beginning. Then, the yacht ends up in a huge storm in the Bermuda Triangle, and the passengers are forced to board a huge cruise ship that's pretty much deserted. However, all of them except Jess pretty much get shot and die (that's all within the first fifteen minutes). Then when Jess meets with the killer, the killer tells her the only way to get off the ship is to kill them all. In a nutshell, she ends up being the one that's killing her friends. Because every time they all die, they show up again from their yacht. Agh it was so weird I can't even explain it. And I guess I won't give away the ending but, believe me, it was the weirdest part of all. I'm dying to say it, but I actually think the movie was worth watching. It was super creepy and you get really frustrated with her the entire time...but I think there's some kind of underlying symbolism and I think it has to do with the cycle of abuse. But you can discover that for yourself. But anywho, after this move me and Melissa went in her hot tub for about an hour, then headed up to her room and eventually fell asleep at about 1 30. Yesterday, we went to the coolest park I have ever seen. It had an old train that you could climb in and all over, a bunch of funky shaped rocks, and the prettiest garden ever. We took some cool pictures but keep in mind, we're teenage girls so we modeled a little bit. And after modeling just a little bit in that place, we decided this would be the coolest place for prom pictures! With all the pretty roses, the cool rocks to stand on, and that vintage'd be so amazing with us in our fancy dresses. We only stayed at this park for a couple hours. Then, we made our way to the Osborn Aquatic Center in Corvallis. I actually went off the high dive there. I screamed and flailed my legs, of course. But I did it! Just like the rock climbing at camp. I don't think I'm scared of heights...but maybe I am. But anywho, after that we went to our church youthgroup, called Riot. That was the last one until September :( but our church is doing a high school bible study, so at least we still have something.
I'm still loving my pump, in case you were wondering(:


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  1. I am loving the pics of you and Melissa!! I am glad that you guys had so much fun. I am also so excited that I got to see your new pump!! :) Super exciting! :)