Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A movie I don't particularily recommend... Stepfather. It was good, but very slow. And only one part was really scary. I watched it with two of my good friends, Sydney and David. Sydney was lucky enough to sit in the middle and have me and David practically beat her up the whole time..Poor Sydney! At one point I was completely wrapped around her in a hug and squeezing her guts out. I get pretty scared during supsense movies, so that happens to anyone I'm sitting next to(: Apparently David's the same way. Last time we watched a scary movie together, David and I screamed in Sydney's ears the whole time. I don't know why she keeps taking the middle! Lately we've been watching a lot of movies together, the three of us, because David pulled his ACL. Which is in your knee and is pretty dang important apparently. He usually plays football and baseball all day long, but now he's on crutches. The three of us like to joke around that we're the weirdest group of friends... The Diabetic (me), The Mexican (Sydney), and The Cripple (David). :)

Then, after Stepfather, we watched Bench Warmers. This movie is pretty stinkin funny. I didn't think it would be, but I watched it since David didn't seem to give us much of a choice...but I definitely recommend it if you feel like laughing. Of course, it was pretty late and we were all tired so that could have contributed to the laughing. We stayed up watching movies until about 12 30, until finally me and Sydney headed to her house to get some shut eye. However, our eyes still didn't shut until about 2 30 in the morning...We stayed up talking about who knows what for two hours!
Well, that was my adventure for yesterday. Today I'm facing an even bigger and scarier adventure....dying my hair from a box. AHHHH!!!! I love my cushy chair at the hair dresser's, but since her husband was in the ER last week my appointment was cancelled. And since I'm desperate, I'm turning to red hair dye from a box. Scary? Yes. But my small group leader promised me it'd be okay, and she's even coming over to help me...And besides, what have I got to lose? I love changing my hair. So even if the red doesn't show up or it turns out a different shade, I'll embrace the change. Life is about embracing change, after all(:

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  1. We are going to rock the box dye!! :) Its going to be all good!
    I specifically remember Sydney saying that she DIDN'T want to watch a scary movie with the two of you...guess she lost out! lol! :)