Saturday, July 24, 2010


It occured to me that I haven't said anything about my pet and my baby, Peanut. He's a kitten I got back in May and I believe he's two or three months old. He's very fluffy and now he's very chubby. We think he has mild anxiety problems, because every time I'm gone for more than one night he stress eats a lot. And since I was gone for a week at camp, I came home to see a kitty twice the size of the one I had seen before I left. But that's okay because I've always loved chubby cats(: Well, the reason I thought about blogging about my precious Peanut today is because I woke up to his very loud "MEOWS" this morning. Whenever he meows, I always meow back to let him know where I am. At first I just did it as a joke, but he actually listens to my meows more than anything else. So this morning he started meowing, and I was too tired to reply. Which means he just kept going and going and going and going until my dad came and got him out of my room.
But I actually don't mind waking up early. I've never been one for sleeping in late (I know, shocking from a teenager). Personally, if I didn't have to sleep I wouldn't. Sleeping wastes so much time! I could get a ton of homework done at night, or stay out later, or reorganize my room, or get to know other people....but instead we have to waste all this time sleeping. This is why I usually go to bed late and wake up early. I try to get as little sleep as possible(:
Well, today is gonna be HOT so I need to figure out how to get my mom to get my swimsuit from David's house before it gets TOO hot. I'm thinking I'll bribe her with buying her a Starbucks ;)

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