Monday, July 26, 2010

Diapumper...for reals this time!

I am OFFICIALLY on an insulin pump! Which is pretty much one of the best things that could happen to me. An insulin pump has so many features that injections don't have. I can do decimal units now, which means I'll be getting EXACTLY how much insulin I need any time I eat. And now, I can use correctional insulin anytime my blood sugar goes high, instead of having to wait until a meal to correct. I also don't have to eat sugar whenever I'm low, my pump will corect my insulin dosage instead. This probably all sounds like gibberish to people that don't know diabetes long story short, this is like a mechanical pancreas outside my body.
Sometime this week, I'm gonna have a pump party with a couple of my diabuddies in Salem(: We're still not sure how we're gonna celebrate, but it doesn't matter how exactly we celebrate because we'll have fun either way.
Let me tell you, the appointment for my pump today was the most stressful appointment ever. My doctor hadn't subscribed me to insulin in a vile yet, so all I had was pens which isn't exactly what a pump uses. So we called my doctor and got him to write a prescription. Then we called my cousin to have him pick it up (Thank you Justin!), but the pharmacy said they didn't have the fax yet. Fast forward an hour and I call the doctor again. Turns out they had been trying to figure out what the junk I was talking about, and they were actually trying to prescribe me a whole other pump! All I needed was the insulin, so once they figured that out they sent a fax over. Then my cousin calls to say its $50. That's ALOT of money for one vile...once we got the money sorted out, he came and dropped it off. Turns out they prescribed me more insulin pens, not a vile. Somehow we drew the insulin out of the pen, and so I still got hooked up to the pump today(: If you're completely confused about viles vs. pens, here's a couple pictures to help you out.

This is what I needed. It's just a glass bottle of insulin. What I do is stick a needle in it and pull the liquid up. However, this is not what they gave me.Instead, they gave me this...a pen with insulin in it. They both have the same kind of insulin in it, It's just a little harder to get the pen's insulin into my pump. But we made it work!

I would show you a picture of the whole thing hooked up to me, but I can't seem to get a picture that doesn't look completely awkward. So once I get one, I'll post it so it's a little easier to imagine how it looks(:

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