Saturday, July 24, 2010

Diawriter...Unnamed Child

Ever since I was little, I've loved writing. And what I love to write most is stories that have a meaning and a purpose. So here's one of my stories I've written...As an author's note, I hope nobody is offended by this. I'm not scolding anyone in this story or critisizing, I'm simply showing an aspect people don't usually think about in this very controversial issue.

That day the wind seemed to yell and scold her as she tightened her coat and pressed forward. The hair blew in her face, and the gush of wind seemed to push her forward as if telling her she should have done this a life time ago. Branches swung back and forth, some already rolling down the sidewalks and street. As she reached forward to open the gate, the wind forced it open suddenly and it hit the fence with a loud bang. Half running, half falling she came to her destination and collapsed. The wind ceased to push her in her low point, and her thoughts could finally wander.Her daughter's birth. The best moment of every mother's life. Despite the fact that she was 16 and her whole world was falling apart, she knew the moment she held her little girl that she would give up anything for her and it would be worth it. The love she felt for this tiny baby was beyond any love she had ever felt and ever would feel. Her heart burst with joy at the mere sight of her daughter, who would forever be named Joy.Joy's first day of preschool. This gave her mother a chance to continue her education so that she could give Joy the right life. A mixture of pride and sadness filled the mother's heart as she saw her daughter run to join the other kids. The girl's smile was enough to light up the whole room. Her father was long out of the picture. The only proof she had a father was the monthly check that arrived in a business envelope. The mother's heart had broken when he left, but she knew it would heal quickly because of her little Joy.Joy grew up more, and her personality began to unpack its boxes and fully move in. She looked like her forgotten dad, but her independent and energetic personality couldn't be more like her mother. Her mother loved watching Joy grow up, even though the time was going by way too fast. The years went by in just seconds and she was afraid that if her eyes blinked once, she would miss it. The pain of losing the future she had dreamed of was gone. Joy was her life now. She wanted to give everything to her to make her happy, and she struggled to be the strict parent she had to be.A tear escaped and struck her face as her thoughts progressed.She could see her curly haired daughter going into elementary school. Joy insisted on riding the bus because she was going to public school. The cautious mom tried to talk her out of it, but in the end Joy was waiting for the bus with her bag on her back and her lunch gripped tightly in her hand. When the bus pulled up, Joy turned to give her mom a big grin, because she knew she'd be watching. Joy suddenly looked even more grown up than ever, and her mother couldn't help but let go a little bit. She scrolled through the pictures she had just taken and sighed. Pulling out the scrapbook, she looked at all the other moments of Joy's life she had made sure to document. The still-life images glued in the book were significant, but the memories would forever be glued in her head.The memories would forever be glued in her head.Joy was now a high-schooler in her memory. She was almost an adult, and her independent personality liked to persuade her into thinking she was an adult. Parenting became more difficult as her mother tried to hold onto her little girl. But she knew she had to let her go. All she wanted to do was stop her Joy from making the same mistakes she had made. But Joy had to make her own mistakes.Then came graduation. She had never felt more proud of her daughter. Tears rushed down her face at the sight of her adult daughter in a hat and gown. She had done her job as a parent, and they were the best 18 years of her life. She wouldn't have changed anything. Her Joy was beautiful, independent, and ready to take on the world.Except she had changed something. She held her head down as the wind whipped and tears fell from her face to the ground. The grave yard seemed to close in on her and space became limited. Success couldn't fix what she'd done. And neither could money. She desperately wanted to go back in time and have everything a mom could have. Breath became short as her sobs grew and became louder. The rain began to soak her so that she couldn't tell where her tears ended and the rain began. Hope was gone. Everything she could have had was gone. There was no Joy, just an empty life of business and regret.She reached her hand up to feel the wording on the grave stone that had been put up without emotion 18 years ago. "Unnamed Child-1998" They had told her the abortion would fix everything. That she'd keep her education, her older boyfriend, and her future. The day 18 years ago was as clear as if it was two minutes ago. Her best friend drove her to the clinic and kept her calm while they explained to the doctor.She had kept her education. She had kept her older boyfriend for another year. And most of all, she kept her empty, hopeless, and "successful" future. They weren't lying when they told her what she'd gain from abortion. But they forgot to tell her what she'd lose.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I loved it the first time you shared it with me. You defnitely have a talent!!