Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, this is my first blog post ever...exciting, right? Consider me the noob at blogging cause I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. But my small group leader, Natalie, has been talking about her blog for soo long. I finally decided to join in on the fun(: The other night she was all excited about the latest award she got and it made me want to finally look at her blog, which I should have done a while ago. It looked like so much fun that, well, here I am...blogging.

So, today I hung out with my diabuddy, Grace. It is so much fun talking with someone that knows all the diabetes medical terms. We jump in and out of diabetes discussions like normal people talk about the weather. Not to mention we had to catch up on middle school talk, since we haven't hung out since 8th grade! (It's true...diabetes brings people together.) I also updated her on everything that went down at Gales Creek Camp this year. Gales Creek Camp is a week long summer camp for type 1 diabetics. I got back from it last week but, unfortunately, Grace couldn't go this year :( But, we'll both be going next year together! And, let me tell you, if you have type 1 diabetes then GCC is the place to BE! It was so much fun, and it's just nice to be around other diabetics, like I said before.

This was my testing group at camp, and some of my friends that I hung out with there. We tested our blood sugar together every day(:

Ever since diabetic camp, I've been super busy...I've gone to bed at about midnight every night. Well, maybe that's partly my choice. But seriously, I've been busy. Today I actually woke up at 11:40 am, which is the latest I have EVER woken up. I thought my parents were playing a joke on me at first and had switched all the clocks in our house...Then I scrambled to get ready for the day, because I hate sleeping in. It wastes so much time out of a perfectly good day. So how late I slept in should be a testiment to how exhausting crazy my life has been this summer! But it's been completely worth it. I still can't get enough time with the people I care about.

And so, speaking of being exhausted, I'm going to watch my Criminal Minds, cuddle with my kitty, and go to sleep(:


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  1. hehe! I know the feeling! I feel like I am exhausted all the time! You girls wear me out! ;) Its fun though, and like you said, totally worth it! :)
    I am so glad that you were able to go to GCC this year! I thought it would be super beneficial for you...and it was! Hooray!! :)
    Love you!!