Friday, July 23, 2010

Diacamper Returns!

This week at camp has been AMAZING! Of course, it was loads of fun... but I also feel so much closer to God. He's given me a clean start for a better relationship with Him, and I'm so committed to it now. I know I've been apathetic before, but it's all gonna change no matter how difficult it is.
So now that you know about my encounter with God, I can tell you about the actual fun of the camp! I was hoping to steal more pictures from Natalie, my small group leader, but unfortunately I haven't seen her upload any onto facebook yet. But if I see more pictures pop up, I'll definitely share them with everybody.

This was our camp speaker, Pastor Shawn Mcbride. He was incredible! He was funny, he was real, he was blunt, he was energetic, and he could actually relate to a bunch of teenagers. When he preached, the holy spirit clearly entered the room.

On a less serious note, these were our team mascots! We were on the orange team, so this is Porshla and Rachel and they brought goldfish to camp. Kelsee isn't in the picture, but she had one as well. Unfortunately, they're all dead now. Porshla's died halfway through the week. And Kelsee and Rachel released their fish into the Deschutes River on the last day of rafting...

This is my diabuddy, Grace!(: All week we got to talk diabetes at our meals. And she helped me count carbs ALOT. We were the only diabetics at camp so, of course, we got asked alot of questions about diabetes and such. And one of the kids tried to tell us that his sister was a type 1 diabetic who turned into a type 2, but eventually got rid of it all together....we had to explain to him how completely confused he was because that is definitely not possible. Poor kid.

The first day Natalie gave us folders to decorate and hold all of our notes and such in. Well Rachel (on the right) completely decorated her folder with pants. And for some background info, she decorated her camp shirt with pants too. Pretty much, her signature is pants. We thought it was really funny so this is where that picture came from. Rachel is probably the weirdest girl in our small group, but definitely in a good way. She doesn't care what the world or what other people think of her, and that's amazing.

Yesss I went rockclimbing. REAL rockclimbing too! It was so much fun, but then I got to the very top and didn't know what to do. So they kept yelling "JUST LEAN BACK AND JUMP." Let me tell you, from that height I thought I would die if I just jumped. Of course, my spotter person had a good grip on the rope and wouldn't have let me fall....but I couldn't do it. So I half fell, half climbed down. I looked ridiculous, but at least I conquered it!

This was the sign at the place we were rockclimbing...funny, right?

This is Caleb...and this is only one of the funny things he did this week. He also shaved a spot of his leg so that he could write "Griffindor" on it. And he caught two birds and kept them in a cereal box. He also covered his face with shaving cream one day and walked around like that...overall, he was very entertaining.

This was one of the birds Caleb caught. We named him Hedwig(:

Overall, this week has been incredible. And I hope the rest of my life can reflect that. Some of the things I didn't have pictures of was rafting, swimming, eating sugary syrup, our team challenges, worship, etc. I wish I could have hired a professional photographer to follow me around...but oh well, these will do.


  1. Cute!! I will try to post the pics tonight, although, I didn't actually take that many. I hope Jackie posts some too. I took a bunch on Derek's camera too. lol! Silly me! :)
    I am so glad that it all went great! We need to catch up so I can hear how everything went after I had to leave! I missed you!! :)

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