Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day Two

It is now Day Two of my new low-carb way of eating. While finding good, filling foods (and resisting the leftover pies) is pretty difficult, the way I felt this morning when I woke up made it all more than worth it. For the first time in I don't even know how long, it was easy to wake up on a weekday! The alarm went off, and I got straight up without even having to rub my eyes. This healthy way of eating isn't just some mumbo jumbo babble from my doctor and nutritionist. It actually makes me feel and look better. Yes, LOOK better. I have gotten so many compliments on how my skin looks brighter and smoother today, and my hair seems so much shinier. Maybe it's just my upbeat mood that's making others take notice to some changes, but either way I have nutrition to thank. While I'd like to say this is all because of my desire to take better care of my diabetes, it's actually due to higher price of insulin I'm now paying. The only way to pay less for insulin is to need less insulin. And there are two ways to need less insulin. 1. A diet with slim carbs. 2. A lifestyle full of exercise. In my busy life, option 1 seemed to be the best bet.
While I'm talking about nutritional ways to reduce the need for certain medications, I can also tell you about my new allergy "medication". I've had allergies for almost five years now, and they suck . . . the itchy eyes, the sneezing, the runny nose. It's all just gross and annoying. My sister has the same issues, even though she's about eleven years younger than me. So my sister's doctor (not wanting to prescribe harsh allergy medications to such a young girl) told my mom about how locally grown honey can help the body create an immunity to pollen and such. Kind of like how when you get the flu shot, they're actually injecting the flu into you. So I started having honey in my tea almost every day. I thought it might help a little bit. Maybe I wouldn't have to get prescription allergy meds anymore, I could just get the cheapest stuff off the shelf. But thank God I won't even have to buy that stuff anymore! Allergy season has started, and I have NO symptoms. Absolutely none. So I can cross one more medication off my long list!
I probably sound like an infomercial or a late night health program, but I am just so excited about how true this is all turning out to be. There ARE natural remedies to the things we just pop pills for. Not only does this make ME feel better, but it's also making my bank account feel a whole lot more satisfied.

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