Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Pain of Diabetes

While diabetes is alot about the physical limitations and struggles, it's easy for people to look past another major struggle for diabetics; Money. Today I went into my pharmacy to refill my prescription of insulin. Insulin is one of those prescriptions that are necessary for survival. In fact, insulin is necessary for ANYONE'S survival. The difference for us diabetics is that we have to pay for it. This morning, as my insulin pump was nearing empty, I searched for my last vial of insulin that was still half full. Unfortunately, I could not find it. It is very possible that my 7 month old puppy got a hold of it and then hid it around the house somewhere. We've found many lost items through this game that he likes to play. We've found socks behind furniture, garbage in his crate, even our underwear has been strewn about. So, I was forced to call in another month supply of insulin two weeks before it was necessary. When I went into the pharmacy to pick it up I found that the price had doubled. Now, just to stay alive, I have to pay $100 each month. After calling insurance and arguing with a machine for twenty minutes, I found out that my minimum went up and I now have to pay at least $100. If I could, I would say "FORGET IT!" and save my $100 a month for something I actually wanted to pay for. But the thing with diabetes is that you can't just say "FORGET IT!" We're all forced into the financial difficulties, simply because we want to stay healthy. So while I can't say forget it to my insulin, I'm going to have to say forget it to some other things in order to put this money aside each month.

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