Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wow...what a week. I'm back at school. Believe me, it has not been an easy week. Almost all my classes this year will be challenging. And not only that, but I haven't adjusted to the organization school requires yet. My mind feels scattered all the time! I'm still getting my homework done, and I haven't lost any important handouts or anything. But my head just feels so jumbled! Which, in return, is of course stressing me out. I've given myself enough breaks from school that I'm not quite exploding with stress yet...but with 8 periods and homework in every single one over the weekend, you can imagine how overwhelmed I am! I'm going to need to take a bunch of notes in all my classes, or else I don't think I'll remember any of the information. I already had to take a college level placement test in math, because he wanted us to refresh our brains and what not. I was so mad about it because my head hurt so much after taking it! But it turns out...I would have gotten into a college level class, according to my score. So maybe I shouldn't be totally mad about it. This should be an interesting year, because it already feels completely different from any year I've had before. Maybe this is what it means to be an upperclassman.

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  1. I know what you mean. We've only been in school for a couple of days but it already feels like it's been months.